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If you fail to reach the Top...imageBut...

That is only possible if you...

  • Know Yourself (the majority go their graves without knowing - Sad!)
  • Have truly decided what you want (Have you? You will be shocked!)
  • Have discovered your critical advantage (Have you? Really???)
  • Are able to package yourself in an irresistible manner (Not quite easily done!)
  • And of course, can manage your chances effectively.

The good news is...
...there are immense opportunities that are accessible to YOU; no matter who you are or where you come from.

So, if you can't....

  • Get your dream job.
  • Start a business i.e.for lack of money.
  • Move up the career ladder as desired.
  • Use your talent and skill to the maximum.
  • Take maximum benefit from your talents and experiences.

It will be because you don't know WHERE and HOW to look!

Stop complaining and stop suffering in silence!

Join our Work & Enterprise Networking group to find out what you've been missing. Our activities are anchored on the thinking that says: 'Don't wish your problems were easier, wish you were better!'

Career Mentors support ambitious people to realise their dreams. Our programmes and activities are designed and delivered to enable people and corporations derive maximum benefits from their talents, skills and experiences. Our career interventions will enable you to develop the Emotional Intelligence required to find, keep and thrive in your career.

Register NOW (FREE till ..Oct 15 2017...) full price (#5000.00) apply from that date.

What we do:

We organise career fairs, Coaching/Mentoring and networking activities that will enable you to create and implement a plan. Our activities will also enable you to learn strategies for career success.

As a member you will:

  • Discover who is recruiting without publicity.
  • Acquire Guerrilla approach to job hunting.
  • Learn to capture your skills and talents eloquently on your CV.
  • Develop compelling Interview skills.
  • Develop impact presentation skills.
  • Learn to convert your ideas into a business that works.
  • Uncover funding opportunities for your business idea.
  • Write compelling business plan.
  • And many more...

How we operate:

Regular meetings in locations near you to update you on job hunting skills, network and deliver job market information and signposting possible opportunities. We also operate via email, 1-2-1 coaching sessions or via online classrooms.

Our typical members...

  • Have BIG dreams.
  • Are keen to do something special with their lives.
  • Want to take maximum profits from their skills.
  • Demand success and happiness for themselves.
  • Are willing to change themself and the world for the better.

Is that you?

Join NOW!

"Small people remain small, because they think small, act alone or do not act at all" - Robert Kiyosaki (author - 'Rich Dad Poor Dad')