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Letter to the Unemployed Nigerian Youth

Letter to the Unemployed Nigerian Youth

by careermentorsng
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Dear Jobseeker, I emphatised with your situation of joblessness especially with little help from expected quarters. Having had periods of unemployment myself, I understand some of your challenges. It must be difficult in today’s Nigeria where there is obscene display of money made, mostly from, fraud.
It must be particularly frustrating that you have skills and experiences that you are unable to put to productive and creative use. I can imagine your sleeplessness over this. Chances are, you have heard stories that your friends in other countries are helped in a lot of ways by their governments either through jobseekers allowance, free or subsidised vocational training or small business loans. You may even have regretted being born a Nigerian.
If the thought of ‘when am I going to get a job and be able to fend for myself’ come to your mind regularly, I am here to say do not despair, it’ll be here sooner than your present situation might suggest. The current cloud will soon disappear and your star will be out shining brightly.
In other for that to happen though, may I suggest the following radical steps?
1) Stop the blame game!

Have you attributed your unemployed situation to lack of proper government policies? Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! You have to develop the mindset that says "there is no government in Nigeria". That mindset will enable you to develop a DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality. That will constantly remind you that there is no point waiting for a government that does not exist!
2) There are jobs out there!

Are you one of those who believe ‘there are no jobs’ out there? Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! There may not be enough jobs out there for everybody (there is no country where that exists), but, I will like to suggest that there are more jobs for a lot of currently unemployed people. There may be a job waiting for you this minute.

3) Shine your eyes!
Hopefully, you are not blind to the fantastic opportunities around you. Ask yourself whether you’re too unrealistic about what is possible. For example, some people only want to work in Banking and oil and gas sectors or to be a personal Assistant to a Governor/Minister.
Don’t get me wrong, these are legitimate aspirations but it may not necessarily materialize via your first job. But you need to start on something especially because of the tremendous competition out there.
4) Re-define your meaning of a job.

Many people erroneously assume a job to mean working for some ‘employer’ who gives them an office, a daily schedule of what to do and at the end of the month pays them a salary. This is a popular interpretation among Nigerians. But a job is more than that. Truth is, there is nothing that says you have to work for somebody else. A job can also be one in which you are your own boss, you set your own time, agenda, manage yourself and determine your own pay. An example of such job is – marketing or selling.

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