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Job Hunting? Do More Than The Usual

Job Hunting? Do More Than The Usual

by careermentorsng
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Are you currently searching for work? Have you been sending out your CV and waiting for the phone to ring? Have you been doing the ‘usual’ things to find a job without success?

Well, you have to do more than the usual. You must do more than what everyone else is doing to find work.

I was talking to a woman once who told me she was looking for work and doing the ‘usual’. She had sent hundreds of CVs out and was waiting at home for someone to look at her C.V. and invite her to an interview.

If you are like this woman I would like to suggest that you stop it. If you are doing the usual stuff I would like to suggest that you do far more.

One thing you can do to take you beyond the usual is to attend exhibitions in your field. If, for example, you are an accountant then attend exhibitions for accountants and talk to people.

Write articles and send it to a professional magazine or newsletter, local newspapers or even worldwide ones. Getting your name in print is a great way to go beyond what is usual and do something different.

Start a blog and write about what is happening within your industry.

Tens of thousands of people have done the ‘usual’ and so if you are waiting for the phone to ring so are thousands of others so do one little thing that will make you stand ahead of the crowd.


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